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The Amics de Montgarri Mountain Lodge is located in the picturesque abandoned village of Montgarri, where only a few ruins and an 18th-century church remain. It is situated at the far northeast end of Aran Valley, seven kilometres from the Baqueira ski slopes, making its setting one of a kind!

Come and discover what it has to offer!


The Lodge boasts a varied selection of local dishes and shared rooms with a half-board service.


Prices winter 2018 (December/ april):

  • Half board adults: 50,00 € per person
  • Half board groups: 47,00 € per person
  • Half board children (up to 10 years): 35,00 € per person
  • Sleep: 21,00 € per person
  • Dinner: 20,50 € per person
  • Breakfast: 8,50 € per person
  • Pack lunch: 10,50 € per person
  • Towell: 3,00 € per person
  • Paper bed sheet: 2,50 € per person
  • Bag refug: 2,00 € per person
  • Hot shower*: 3,00 € per person


*the shower is included on all halfboard services


From Vielha, take the C-28 towards Baqueira. Once there, turn left in the direction of Pla de Beret and continue until you come to a car park.

We have various options:

In winter you can enter the Lodge from the car park using snowshoes, cross-country skis, dog sleds or snowmobiles.


In summer you can walk to the Lodge, following any of the tracks that skirt the Noguera Pallaresa river. You can also come by car from the Pla de Beret car park or following the forest track that starts from the village of Alós de Isil.



Shared rooms with bunk beds and heating. Hot shower, blankets, radio connected to the Pompièrs d’Aran Mountain Rescue Group, food and drink. Credit cards accepted. Electricity.

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